Fake Food Cooking


Fake Food Cooking キービジュアル

Were you able to find the "food sample" hidden in the picture of the hamburger set?

Fake Food Cooking conducts lessons on how to make food samples at home, mainly in the Saitama and Tokyo areas.

Would you also like to try making food samples that look just like the real thing?


Hello, my name is Noriko Watanabe, founder of Fake Food Cooking.

I make actual size to miniature food samples from a wide range of food genres.

Ever since I started private lessons at my home in 2018, I’ve met a number of students, and together, we’ve been having so much fun making food samples.

If you are interested in food samples, or if you are interested in handicraft, come join us in having fun making food samples together!




Some people may think it’s only natural for food samples to look like the real thing, but each artist has their own style of designing and crafting their food samples (some prefer to make their food samples look slightly artificial on purpose).

Here at Fake Food Cooking, we aim to create food samples that look so realistic that one might actually think to eat them.

\ Fake Food Cooking 3つの魅力 /


We have a track record of working on projects commissioned by major department stores.

Fake Food Cooking has conducted workshops and sold kits at major department stores, so you can be assured of our caliber and distinction.

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A full list of course options to choose from

We offer a wide variety of courses, including regular courses where you can learn the basic techniques for making food samples, and one-day courses where you can create a single work of art (dish) during the session. Also, since the courses are home-based, we can flexibly accommodate your schedule according to your needs.

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Handmade sales and workshop experiences!

Fake Food Cooking actively participates in various events such as the Dessert Festival. Through our event activities, we also focus on creating an environment that will enable our students to become instructors and sell their handmade goods in the future.

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While making food samples together, we end up having a great time chatting about our personal lives or making small talk with each other.

At Fake Food Cooking, we make sure students feel “right at home” while making their food samples.

Come join us for a lighthearted fun chat while making food samples in our stylish French country-style classroom!

\ フェイクじゃない!生徒さんのリアルな声 /

The space is decorated with many food samples, so it’s perfect for those who love samples. The teacher is also very friendly and teaches you step-by-step, so even first-timers can enjoy making their own samples. It’s the kind of class that makes you want to come back the next time.

(Female student in her 40s)


I had so much fun! I want to go back!

(Female elementary school student)

Next time, I want to make a cream soda!

(Female elementary school student)

I want to go more often, not just during summer vacation!

(Female elementary school student)


I was wondering if it was possible to make food samples at home. I did a lot of research and was able to meet Ms. Watanabe. I always admire the way she teaches, how she produces her colors, and how she paints her objects so realistically. I also respect her gift of the gab!

(Female student in her 40s)


I took the plunge and started taking lessons, but my child was still so young, so I was worried about sudden schedule changes. But since the teacher is also a mother who has raised children, she was extremely accommodating. Through class, I got to know people of different age groups and backgrounds. Together, we challenged ourselves to many different things, such as becoming an instructor, or organizing and participating in events together—none of which we had imagined we’d end up doing. I am grateful to my teacher and fellow students for enriching my life in many ways!

(Female student in her 40s)